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The idea of sphere.tex
The underlying idea of all Spheretex GmbH products is to combine high-modulus fibres (mainly glass fibre) with extremely light microspheres. Through this we can produce composite materials with both superior mechanical properties and very low specific weight.
  • quick and unproblematic handling
  • laminates with outstanding technical characteristics
  • low specific weight
  • wet-on-wet processing without loss of time
  • same resins for the entire laminate (core and lining)
  • at the same time the core material also serves for reinforcement
  • low absorption of water (absorption of water under
    1% after 28 days of water-test)
  • outstanding impact resistance and shear strength
  • outstanding surface quality (Class A to some extent)
  • single-layered material in a closed-circuit (core and lining layer together)
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