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History of Spheretex GmbH

1986 The initial idea

The initial idea of the product named Sphere.tex is born, protected by patent and confirmed through laboratory tests.


1987 First production line

The first Sphere.tex production line is installed. First orders for general industrial applications (building components, electrical control cabinets).


1988 Large customers

Klepper from Rosenheim (Germany), one of the leading producers of surfboards, uses Sphere.tex as core material for their entire board production.


1989 Automotive industry / exhibition / marine

First applications in automotive industry (car body, trailers, refrigerated trucks).

Sphere.tex products are presented at the fair K in Dusseldorf, Germany for the first time.

Sailing and motor yacht builders start using Sphere.tex.


1990 New development

Sphere.core S – a core material based on fiberglass- is launched


1991 Company foundation

Spheretex GmbH is founded in Hilden, Germany. The production capacity is increased and a second production line for Sphere.tex products is established.


1992 Establishment in America

Spheretex America, Inc. is founded in Ponte Vedra, Florida, USA


1993 Further development

The product range is further expanded by a polyester nonwoven named Sphere.core SP.


1997 Extended product range

Production of various stitch-bonded materials.


1999 Increase in capacity / Relocation

Production capacity is doubled, the company moves to today’s location at Ellerstr. in Hilden, Germany.


2000 New development

Sphere.core SBC is developed and produced of pre-compressed, volumized layers to replace core materials such as balsa, plywood, PVC foam etc.


2002 New production hall

Installation of a new production hall at the same location.

Production of volumized yards and strands (Sphere.strand) starts.

Gun.core  (made of assembled Sphere.strand fibers) is developed for spray up process.


2003 Multiaxial

Start of operation of the world’s largest adjustable multiaxial machine with 4 layers and adjustable width from 200 – 330 cm.

Development and production of multiaxial fabrics based on Sphere.strand.


2005 Products for closed mold process

Development of combination materials for closed mold systems consisting of volumized core layers and flow medium: Sphere.mat C IP, IP / C IP and Sphere.core SBC IP.


2006 Further products for closed mold process

Materials for closed mold process, based on fiberglass and flow medium, are added to the product range: Flowmat and Flowax.


2007 New development,  a material developed to improve surfaces of FRP parts made in closed mold process, is launched.


2010 Continuation of Spheretex GmbH

The Gerhards family, Vosschemie GmbH and Mr. Esser become shareholders and continue the business of Spheretex GmbH – Spezialprodukte für Leichtlaminate.


2011 Foundation in China

Spheretex China Co., Ltd. is founded in Shanghai, P.R. China.


2012 Maschine  enlargement / winding solutions

After rebuilding the Spheretex machine, it is possible to produce up to 300 cm wide core materials.

The product range is further broadened by Sphere.tex tape, a core material suitable for winding process and pultrusion.


2015 Product variant

Launch of Gun.core blend (Gun.core + glass roving) for spray up process.


2016 25th company anniversary

The Spheretex team celebrates 25 years of company history.


2017 New owner, new Managing Director

Vosschemie GmbH from Uetersen, Germany, becomes majority shareholder. Mr. Christoph Esser assumes management responsibility.


2019 Relocation in own premises

After around 20 years in a rented location in Hilden we acquired our own premises and moved to our new headquarters in Neuss.