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New corporate structure of Spheretex GmbH

As of 1st July 2010 Spheretex GmbH take over all assets, employees and contracts as well as the name “Spheretex”. The family Gerhards and Mr. Esser along with Vosschemie GmbH Uetersen hold share of the newly structured company. Mr. Siegfried Gerhards and Mr. Ralph-M. Bath have been appointed as executive directors.

We are pleased to find strong and committed partner for this asset deal. The cooperation of both companies is a further step to consolidate the market position in Europe. The product ranges are complementary and lead to further positive synergies. This means for example a professional customer service in all steps and part of the production process including the equipment needed for the application of high-technology core materials. The cooperation will improve quality and service, too.

In close collaboration in the field of volumized and fibre reinforced core materials the companies are already closely connected and confirmed both of them. The complete production including all employees, production machines and customer / supplier relations are continued unchanged. Needless to say that we offer all already delivered products of volumized core and reinforcement materials for the application in open and closed mold systems. Furthermore we offer a customized consulting advise in addition to new product development or adjustments for individual production processes. For the future Spheretex GmbH will continuously improve the high standard of quality and flexibility.

We hope you will continue to favor us and look forward to a common and successful future and are at your disposal as a reliable partner, if you have any further questions, suggestions and developments.