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Ultra-light composite parts made of SBC HT and foam resin

Sphere.core SBC HT is an excellent core material for making light and homogenous sandwich parts in wet pressing process. In cooperation with our partner Vosschemie from Uetersen (Germany), Spheretex recently developed a special core material for vacuum processes. Laminates made of Sphere.core SBC HT and foam resin can reduce the weight by 20 – 30 %.

This core material Sphere.core SBC HT is a pre-compressed stitch-bonded glass fiber material which is volumized with thermoplastic microspheres. As core material used in sandwich constructions it could completely saturated with foam resin and composes a homogenous laminate with the covering layers.

The special foam resin developed by Vosschemie is based on unsaturated polyester resins. This microcellular structural foam has a density of 0,4 – 0,6 g/cm³ and forms the resin matrix of glass fiber reinforced components. Due to the expansion of foam resin at the ratio of approx. 1:2 compared to conventional polyester resins, the resin consumption can be reduced by approx. 50%.